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Bonjour Maurice

A 30€ voucher, by Bonjour Maurice

Bonjour Maurice! Hi reversible clothing inspired by Montessoir! Buongiurno autonomous and happy kids!

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25€ voucher, by Bellerose

The new spring/summer collection has arrived in style - and so will you and the kids when school starts again!

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King's ID

Two identification wristbands, by King's ID

'Where's Waldo?' is a fun game, unless you're looking for your kid in the middle of Beavertown market. This handy and reassuring wristband has your contact info on it, keeping your child safe just in case!

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4h house-cleaning help by Pootsy | Belgium

Messing around on New Year’s Eve felt great? Getting help for the clean-up will feel even better.

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Mero Mero

30€ voucher by Mero Mero

Mero Mero has loads of smart-smart, pretty-pretty and durable-durable products to make your parent-hero life easier

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Claudel sunglasses

Sunglasses where class is paired with ergonomy. A perfect fit for noses ranging from 1 to 4 years old, whether in the mountains, at sea or in deep space.

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Let Me Out

15€ offered on your next escape game, by Let Me Out | Belgium

Lock yourself up in a mysterious room and solve riddles to escape before time runs out! Good for all your clever escape needs.

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Baby-Dry Pants diapers, by Pampers | Belgium

Diapers you can put on like pants for babies who move around during diaper change. Will keep them dry and prevent the peepocalypse for 12h.

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Villa Soto

2 nights at Villa Soto

Go "Viva la siesta!" in this luxurious Sotogrande Costa location. Includes a pool and good times.

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Sweats Bsit

Bsit T-shirts and sweatshirts

The original T-shirts and sweat-shirts! If you want to be an even cooler Parent, this is what you need.

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A bracelet engraved with your fingerprint, by Huella

The ultimate custom jewelry? A waxed cotton bracelet, with a gold- or silver-plated engraving of your fingerprint (or a loved one's). The beginning of a love story between your wrist and your fingertips?

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Let Me Out

15€ offered on your next escape game, by Let Me Out | Belgium

Lock yourself up in a mysterious room and solve riddles to escape before time runs out! Good for all your clever escape needs.

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Univers Ciné

2 free movies on | Belgium, Luxembourg

Stop hesitating between The Texas Toaster Massacre 8 and Falling in love in Cutsieland. Watch nothing but the best cinema has to offer, without leaving your sofa.

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3 months of Premium + subscription, by Amanote

Amanote is a note-taking app specially designed for students and that allows to take clear, structured and comprehensive notes along your slides or syllabi. Serious stuff.

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Sweats Bsit

Bsit Sweatshirts and Tshirts

The original sweat-shirts and T-shirts! If you want to be an even cooler Sitter, this is what you need.

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